Free Our Seas Art

Art created from marine debris found on the shores of South Florida beaches invite reflection of how the automated choices of our everyday life collectively effect our oceans. " It's beautiful, yet ugly," were the words one spectator used to describe the Frank, the Flip Flop Grouper made from  200 flip flops, 200 straws, 5 fishing gloves, a pool noodle,  and 5  five gallon buckets

Mako the Shark

Monty the Mahi

Artist: Kurt Wiese

variety of brightly colored plastic containers


Artist: Manon Wiese

  • lifesaver

  • single use vinegar bottles

  • yellow slide

  •  toys

  • deodorant

  • plastic toy shovels

  • shampoo bottle

Larry the Lobster

Artist: Kurt Wiese

  • Straws

  • Containers

  • Fish trap

  • Bubble blowers

Frida the Flamingo

Artist: Kurt Wiese

  • single use plastics

  • sand toys

  • vacuum hose

  • palm tree - flippers, plastic water bottles and buoys

  •  island -random plastic trash found in the beach and ocean 

Hope the Manta Ray

Artist: Kurt Wiese

  • variety of buckets

  • oil quart containers

  • surfboard fin

  • plastic filter parts

Sand Toy

Photo Booth

Artist: Manon & Kurt Wiese


Artist: Manon Wiese